Phillip Hushani



Co-Founder Gathering Of Saints Movement

Phillip Hushani is the Founder of Gathering of Saints Movement, a movement full of passion for the Lord in the United Kingdom. God called him to be among great men and women of God who believe that with God All Things are Possible. There is no BUT to be honored. Its God’s will or nothing!

His passion is to see the Fire of God engulf the nations; the passion for Jesus becoming central to humanity. He strongly believes there is no better place to be than in this generation! That this is the generation that changes the world. The world is waiting for the sons of God to be revealed! We are the the Sons of God! God moves with those who are ready. The field is now ripe and we the laborers are ready too!

Phillip met Jeff Jansen in Scotland in 2013 and the two agreed to work together. Jeff has a burning passion to spread the Fire of God and is the founder of Global Connect, a gathering of like minded church leaders and Global Fire Ministries. He desires to work with church leaders whose passion is to live a Kingdom life here on earth!

Gathering of Saints planted the first church in Luton, United Kingdom on the 3rd of June 2013 and named it Global Fire Church Luton in line with the Gathering of Saints Movement fabric with the blessings of Global Fire Ministries International. Members of this Luton church are full of God and the Holy Spirit is doing great things among them.


Tracey Hushani



Co-Founder Gathering Of Saints Movement

Tracey is the Co-Founder of Gathering Of Saints Movement. She is a woman of faith who believes that when God is involved, only His Will will prevail. Tracey has given her very being to Jesus for the Kingdom. She is passionate about souls and has a heart of a mother to many. Working alongside her husband, Tracey is a woman with a divine mission.

Tracey strongly believes that it’s only the anointing from God that breaks every yoke. This un-movable faith in God leads her to believe that God has all the answers for humanity. If only people could realize this and seek God, the world would be a better place to live.

Away from Ministry Tracey is passionate about family and work.



Jeff Jansen



Co-Founder Global Fire Ministries

Jeff Jansen is Founder of Global Fire Ministries International in Murfreesboro, TN. The mission of GFMI as an Apostolic and Prophetic ministry is to pave the way for personal, city, regional, national and World revival. The ministries of GFMI include: Global Connect, Global Fire Churches, Kingdom Life Institute, Global Fire TV, and international conferences and crusades. Jeff Jansen is well known for his Miracle/Healing anointing and Prophetic ministry worldwide, often giving revelatory directives for not only individuals but regions and nations. Jeff is also founder & Senior Leader of Global FIre Church Murfreesboro, from which the Global Connect initiative of church planting and networking was birthed.

Jeff Jansen has authored five books: Glory Rising: Walking in the Realm of Creative Miracles, Signs & Wonders, Glory Rising: Manual, Furious Sound of Glory, The Believers’ Guide to Miracles, Healing, Impartation & Activation, and Revival of the Secret Place. He is also a contributing author to two books: Adventures in the Prophetic, along with James Goll, Patricia King, and others, and Beyond 2012: What the Real Prophets are Saying, with Bob Jones, Graham Cooke and others.



Jan Jansen

Jan Jansen profile 2011 small


Co-Founder Global Fire Ministries

Jan Jansen, along with her husband Jeff, is co-founder of Global Fire Ministries and co-team leader of the Global Fire Church & World Miracle Center located in Murfreesboro Tennessee. As a body, we want to see the Murfreesboro / Nashville area and 10 state region and beyond impacted by establishing the Kingdom of God on the earth.
Jan’s desire is to see people walk in their full destiny by intimately knowing the Person of the Holy Spirit. Jan is a true dreamer and Seer. Through the years of journaling and inquiring of the Lord, Jan’s ability to understand visions and dreams has grown and matured and has been tested and proven to be highly accurate and credible. Angels surround her ministry and are often in operation as she ministers with Jeff at various conferences and meetings around the world. Jan moves with great compassion toward those who have been tormented and afflicted by the devil. Healings and deliverances often take place as she prays over those whose bodies have been ravaged by affliction, sickness and disease.

Jan also has been highly impacted by the Spirit of Adoption (Romans 8:15) , as the Lord directed she and Jeff to adopt two children.  She loves to minister the true meaning of adoption to others and many have also adopted as a result.  Her heart is to live out James 1:27 and brings other to a deeper understanding of God’s Father Heart.