Vision of a Beautiful Horse

The month was May 2015 and the time was 5:15 am when I looked at my phone. I was meditating asking God what He wanted me to do. Without noticing any change in environment I began to hear Church Wedding Bells. They started from afar and the sound became louder and louder.  While bells were ringing the sky was ripped open like a blanket torn apart. Out of the beautiful blue sky I saw a horse coming out.  This caught me by surprise and I became confused and afraid.  The horse was extremely beautiful! The head of the horse and the front legs were visible to me. The rest of the body was not out yet. I was totally confused by the whole experience. My body started shaking like a reed in a river. I couldn’t control it.

In that state I began to feel my body wrapped up in love as if someone was with me in my bedroom. The love was so deep that none can explain that in human words.  The love was overwhelming and I began to weep. Without anyone explaining anything to me I knew this experience was divine. A thought came into me to take my phone and record what I was seeing so people I tell can believe me. Before I did that a voice came from inside of me. It was as if I had another person inside of me. The voice asked me why I wanted to record what I saw. He also asked me if I wanted to write a book about this experience and sell it. I said yes I wanted to do that. The voice asked me why I wanted to cash out of an encounter with God. I felt so embarrassed and I asked for forgiveness. After a while the bells rang less and less. The sky closed up and the whole experience stopped. I looked at my phone and it was now 6:15 am. I called a few friends and told them. They all said this has to do with the second coming of Christ as explained in the bible. I challenge you to be serious with God.


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